The itinerary you planned for me made me feel safe, strong, supported and acknowledged. You were a HUGE part of me feeling confident enough to tackle this journey through the US. Tapooz was the antidote to my disability.
Thank you SO much.
— Amber O’Connor, Brisbane, Australia

Why Tapooz Travel?

Simple put, we are the experts in organizing and operating accessible trips and adventures across the US and selected destinations worldwide. We have the expertise, the experience and the resources to tackle even the most complex travel situations. As a matter of fact, Tapooz Travel is one of only a handful of entities recommended for its accessible travel expertise by the Lonely Planet, the world’s largest publisher of guide books.

I like a destination but I have some specific interests. Can I modify the tour?

Absolutely. Think of us as your own personal customization engine. We can dial up or down almost every aspect of a trip:

  • Visits
  • Sightseeing of main landmarks
  • Cultural activities
  • Food and wine
  • Historic tours
  • Outdoors and sports activities
  • Nature walks
  • Social and local encounters
  • Music and art performances
  • and much more… 

We can also add unique elements to match your specific interests.

  • Swimming with dolphins in the Florida keys
  • Cooking lessons with local chefs in Berkeley
  • Meeting with Navajo elders
  • Behind-the-scene visits of art galleries and museums in New York
  • Exclusive tasting with renowned California wine-makers
  • and much more… 

Our goal is to provide you with a unique experience that best fits your specific requirements and expectations.

Can I choose a destination that is not listed on your site? 

Absolutely. If you don’t see a destination you would like to visit, we have knowledge and access to many more destinations than we list here, including some offered in cooperation with highly experienced local partners. We also continuously develop new adventures. As a matter of fact, some of our most popular current destinations first originated with a unique request from a past traveler.

Rafting the mighty Colorado River, helicopter ride above the Grand Canyon, hiking in the Himalayas, river boating in Vietnam? Accessible trips to Portugal, Israel or France?  Tell us what you have in mind and let’s start planning together.

I am used to travel freely and independently. Can you help plan my trip?

We love working with Free Independent Travelers (FIT). Individuals, couples and families often contact us directly or through their local travel professionals.

We plan every aspect of your trip, including the design of your itinerary, schedule of visits and activities. We then take care of all the logistics necessary to implement your travel plan, including booking your hotels, accessible transfers and transportation, renting an accessible vehicle, making reservations for venues, activities, tours, taking care of your adaptive and mobility equipment needs, etc.

While traveling, we also provide you with on-site support services, accessible in most destinations by reaching out to us and our local partners by phone, Skype and other means. You travel independently with the knowledge and confidence that we are always available to assist you in any way necessary.

I am a traveler in need of travel support and assistance. Can you work with me?

Absolutely. We love working with Supported Assisted Travelers (SAT). They often come to us as individuals, families or small groups through their travel professionals or organizations. 

We plan every aspect of your trip, including the design of your itinerary, schedule of visits and activities. We then take care of all the logistics necessary to implement your travel plan, including booking your hotels, accessible transfers and transportation, making reservations for venues, activities, tours, taking care of your adaptive and mobility equipment needs, etc.

The difference with FIT travelers of course is that we also provide you with a team of professionals to accompany you on your travel, such as expert guides, drivers and physical assistants.

What if I want to undertake some parts of my travel independently but need support for other parts?

No problem. You need someone to drive or accompany you just for a day or two? You want to be independent during your in-city stay but would like to be fully assisted for the road-trip portion of your trip? We can guide you in deciding how to plan for the best solution. We work with you to tailor the trip to your expectations and requirements.

Why don’t I see prices for the trips?

Except for a selected few programs (such as the Accessible Bike Tour of Holland) we do not “sell pre-packaged” tours. Every destination is tailored to the specifics of each client.

What you see on this site is based on our experience of what we think as the “best-of/must-do” for each destination, plus a healthy dose of out-of-the-beaten-path uncommon experiences. They form the basis of your own unique adventure. Each trip is tailored to the specific requirements, expectations and of course budget of the travelers.

When do I know the cost of my trip?

Once we start, it usually takes a couple of exchanges of information to form a basic understanding of what you are looking for. We have a handy questionnaire to guide you through the process, though we find that a verbal conversation is also a practical way to get started quickly. Once we have this, it only takes a short time to design the outline of your trip and give you a cost estimate.

What if I need special mobility equipment when I travel?

No problem. This is part of our core services. We routinely provide our travelers with a wide range of mobility equipment, including manual and power wheelchairs, wheelchair attachments, mobility scooters, walkers, and the like.

What if I need adaptive equipment in my hotel room?

This is also part of our core services. In all our main destination cities (such as San Francisco, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc.) we routinely provide our travelers with equipment such as shower chairs, transfer benches, medical beds, personal lifts and the like. Typically, this is delivered and installed in the room prior to your arrival.

What kind of lodging accommodations do you offer? 


For your stay in  the larger cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, we typically offer at accommodations in mid-level (3*** or equivalent or better) pleasant and comfortable hotels, in centrally located neighborhoods with accessibility and proximity to main attractions, food and entertainment options, shopping and ease of transportation.


For your stay in smaller cities and while travelling on the road, we typically offer at accommodations in mid-level (2**/3*** or equivalent or better) pleasant and comfortable hotels, motels and country inns, often with swimming pools, spa and gym, with accessibility and proximity to main attractions, food options and ease of transportation.

In most cases, we (and/or our local partners) have physically inspected and experienced the accommodations that we recommend to you.

Naturally, we work with you to adjust the above to your specific expectations. From high-end luxury Hawaiian resorts, to quality hotel chains in Scandinavia, to small boutique hotels in New York and rustic inns along the Pacific Coast, we find the best accommodations to fit your style and your budget.

What kind of rooms will I stay in?

Whenever available in each particular location and unless otherwise required by your travel plan, these are typically wheelchair accessible rooms with accessible bathrooms (roll-in shower or tub with grab bars and transfer bench).

As for the configuration of the rooms themselves, they typically range from double-occupancy rooms (a large single king/queen bed or 2 double or queen beds) to the small family suite and the larger multiple-area sleeping/living arrangement. For an extended stay in one location, it is also sometime possible to accommodate a family or small group in a vacation apartment or a house.

As with all the other components of your travel plan, we work with you to design the most comfortable and efficient solution.

How do I get to my hotel?

We take care of your transfers from the airport to the hotel (and of course, the return to the airport when you depart). Typically, the transfers are in wheelchair accessible vehicles equipped with an access ramp or a lift.

How about transportation during my trip?

Whether you are an individual traveler, a couple or family, or a group traveling independently or assisted, we design the optimal solution to match the nature of the trip, your physical requirements, comfort level and budget. We use a combination of vehicles ranging from adapted passenger cars, minivans and full size vans, minibuses and full size motor coaches, both wheelchair-accessible and standard.

What if I want to drive myself?

For most of our US destinations and in some selected European destinations, we can provide you with an adapted vehicle. Typically these are passenger cars with adapted driving controls on the steering wheel or wheelchair-accessible minivans and full-size vans. We can deliver the vehicle directly to you at the airport or at your hotel, so you can start you vacation right away.

Are all the venues and activities accessible?

The short answer is that everything we offer is accessible (or is made accessible with the appropriate equipment and physical support) to the vast majority of travelers with mobility limitations. We and our local experts inspect every venue, try out every route, hike every trail and test every activity before we offer them on our travel programs.

But accessibility can mean different things to different people. Once we fully understand your specific accessibility requirements, we work with you so that together we can assess what is needed to make the experience enjoyable and safe for you.

From our years of experience, we know that, with the right support and preparation, there is little that cannot be done.

Do you take care of the flights to the destinations?

At this time, airline tickets are the only element of the trip that we do not take care of.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

While optional, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your travel investment. This is especially relevant to also protect your valuable equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters and the like. We do not provide this insurance but will point you to reputable agencies that can set it up for your. Your local travel professionals or organizations can also guide you in the process.