Tapooz Travel was created to open the world of travel to people of all abilities. We believe that with the right spirit and support, anything is possible.

Aïcha and Laurent are fantastic. They had prepared a great trip to California for me and my assistants with detailed daily itineraries and great suggestions for activities. I have had ALS/MND for 16 years. I will always recommend handicapped travelers to use the services of Tapooz Travel.
— Prof. Arne Lykke, Larsen University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

The founders

It begins with its two founders Aïcha Nyström and Laurent Roffé. Having lived, worked and traveled in Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and the United States, they settled in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early nineties. From their new home base, their passion for travel continued to take them up and down the Pacific Coast and deep into the West. From Baja to Northern California, Oregon to British Columbia, the Mojave Desert to the Sierra Nevada, the Indian Country to urban Los Angeles. Along the way, they gained an intimate knowledge of the incredibly rich diversity of people, culture, nature and food of these regions. 

Tapooz Travel today

Their desire to share this knowledge with everyone is at the core of Tapooz Travel. Both avid outdoors enthusiasts, they combine together over ten years of working with people with disabilities to experience the excitement and the beauty of California, Aïcha as a ski guide in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Laurent as a sea-kayak guide and trip-leader in and around the Bay Area. 

From its few original daily excursions around the Bay Area, Tapooz Travel has grown today to become a leading accessible tours and adventures company, with trips across the US and selected global destinations. 

We have the knowledge, the experience and the resources to tackle even the most complex travel situations.  As a matter of fact, Tapooz Travel is one of only a handful of entities recommended for its accessible travel expertise by Lonely Planet, the world’s largest publisher of guide books.

Simply put, we are the experts in organizing and operating accessible trips and adventures across the US and selected destinations worldwide. 

The team

And while nothing makes Laurent and Aïcha happier than leading expeditions, they know that Tapooz would not exist without a wonderful network of expert tour guides, drivers, adaptive sports instructors, culinary chefs, sailboat skippers, wildlife naturalists, motorboat captains, wine makers, hospitality managers, tribal elders, massage therapists, Park Rangers, mobility experts, outdoor adventures guides, hot-air balloon operators, and dozens of other people working as a team and dedicated to creating accessible travel adventures for all.