Organization planning an accessible group trip

Whether you are a non-profit association, a government organization or a commercial enterprise, you are dedicated to serving the travel needs of a specific population with unique mobility or accessibility requirements. We absolutely love working with organizations. Over the years, we have developed a number of great programs and destinations in the US that are uniquely suited for group travel.

We work with you to design and implement the travel plans best suited to your expectations, requirements and budget.


The work process typically starts with your preliminary inquiry and the communication of a set of basic parameters such as the preferred destination, the overall character of the trip, the length of the stay, the number of expected participants and so forth. It is always helpful also to receive as soon as it is practical any budgetary considerations as well as the physical, mobility and accessibility requirements of your group.

It usually takes a couple of exchanges of information to form a basic understanding of what you have in mind. We have a handy questionnaire to guide you through the process, though we find that verbal and/or Skype conversations are also a practical way to move forward efficiently. Once we have this basic outline, we create a private, safe and secure online environment to enable a seamless communication and exchange of information. This is your unique and protected space. We work with Google Docs and Google Drive environments but can also adapt to your preferred platform.  


From our experience, working in close cooperation with you, we usually complete the planning of your unique program within a few short weeks. We know that organizations like yours often have a long and busy turn-around schedule. Typically, travel plans are designed and finalized at the middle of a current year for their actual travel time the following year. We understand publication deadlines in your printed and electronic catalogs. We work with you to make sure that you are ready when you need to be. We also provide you with the collateral material that you would need. We have a vast library of images, videos and other resources that we make available to the organizations.


Working with you, we can plan every aspect of the trip, including designing the itinerary, schedule of visits and activities. We then can take care of all the logistics of undertaking the trip. We know how time consuming it can be to resolve simple matters like sourcing the right adaptive equipment or ensuring the appropriate transfers, let alone the complexity of securing accessible accommodations or wheelchair-accessible transportation for a group of travelers.

We take care of all the logistics of undertaking the trip, including booking the hotels, accessible transfers and transportation, making all the necessary reservations for venues, activities, tours, taking care of the adaptive and mobility equipment needs, etc. And naturally, we allocate the human resources to lead and support the group, such as trip bi-lingual trip leaders, drivers, expert guides and physical assistants.

In other words, from the moment they arrive at their destination to the moment they depart, we take care of your clients. The only component of a trip that we currently do not handle ourselves is the booking of airline tickets.

We are travel professionals and accessible travel is our passion. Like you, our absolute priority is the satisfaction of the travelers. We understand the value of relationships. This is the foundation of our work.  So let’s talk and start working together in serving the travel needs of your groups.

In a field where customer service is everything, Tapooz Travel has emerged as a leader bringing the right mix of local knowledge and sensitivity to international standards of industry quality.
— Scott Rains, Tourism Universal Design and Disabilities expert, San Jose, California